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Welcome to Easy-Tax
Welcome to first-time Easy-Tax users!
This page will give you a quick introduction on how to start using the Easy-Tax system.
Step 1
Some BACKGROUND first:
  1. Easy-Tax serves as an electronic communication portal between your company and SARS.
  2. Security is very important and we will require full details from users that wish to use the system.
  3. We distinguish between two types of users: System Administrators and Company users.
  4. A System administrator is the administrative contact at your company that manages the user access rights of company users.
  5. If you only have one user for your company (or use Easy-Tax in a private capacity), you are automatically the system administrator.
Step 2
In order to use the system you simply NEED TO REGISTER. Follow one of these two easy steps:
  1. If you are the first or only person in your company that is using Easy-Tax, Fill out this registration form. You will be notified immediately of your username and password via email.
  2. If you have a system administrator at your company that asked you to register on the system, complete this form.
    We will contact your system administrator to confirm your identity (for security purposes) and notify you via email of your login name and password - we reserve 24 hours for this process, although it is usually very quick.
Step 3
With your registration complete, you may now use the Easy-Tax system.
Simply go to the Login screen and enter your username and password. Once logged in, you may fill in the appropriate directive requests and we will process your directive with SARS. Responses from SARS is supplied the following morning via email. If you are the billing contact, we will send an electronic invoice for the services used during the month.

If you have any questions or support queries, please feel free to make use of our friendly helpdesk at 0861-MARION (0861-627466)